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More than 10 years of accompaniment

In addition to individual and executive work through coaching processes, I also develop my activity as a trainer in different accredited coaching programs and I give workshops on various topics. Therefore, I develop my activity in the following areas:


Individual coaching processes

Individual coaching sessions for the work of personal or professional objectives.

Executive coaching processes

Executive coaching sessions framed in the professional field, of the company, generally with managerial profiles.


Team coaching processes

Team coaching sessions for the work of common objectives, improvement of the work environment, change management, team cohesion or work by competences.


Through face-to-face workshops and in a very participatory way, you can work on various topics such as emotional management, empathy, communication skills, mindfulness, job search and entrepreneurship skills, empowerment, work with personal values or work with beliefs and behaviors or personal and professional skills.



I am currently a trainer in three accredited coaching programs in different Spanish cities, mainly on the GROW methodology and work with the Coachee’s Behaviors, Beliefs and Values.

The whole world turns away when it sees a man who knows where he's going go by.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Little Prince
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