What is coaching

Discover your potential.

The search for your best version.

Coaching is a methodology that accompanies and helps people and organizations to achieve goals, improve skills and develop potential, through a relationship of trust, respect and confidentiality between the coach (the coaching professional) and the coachee (the person receiving coaching).

One of the essences of this methodology is working from the conviction that the potential is within people. John Whitmore in his book “Coaching. The method to improve people’s performance”, stresses that “coaching rests on a new psychological model in which the individual is considered more than an empty container into which everything has to be poured, an acorn, which contains in its interior all the potential to become a majestic oak. It needs food, stimulation and light to grow, but the oak is already inside us.

Affective competences, works linked to emotion and feeling.

At a time when artificial intelligence is occupying more and more market share and will replace millions of jobs, our competitive advantages will be professions that machines will not be able to perform.

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